For all ages, puppy through senior. Have you just rescued/adopted a new family member? The transition period can be a stressful time for both you and your new dog. It is important to start your new life together on the right foot. Let us help you gain confidence, change unwanted behavior, and build a solid training foundation with your new companion. Start class with a consultation where our trainer will cover immediate solutions for unwanted behavior and communication issues. If we see a behavior that is better suited to a specialist, we will happily help you find the appropriate course/trainer.

Additional topics to be covered include name recognition, relationship building, body handling and husbandry skills, sit, and loose leash walking. Upon completion dogs will be ready to go into Family Dog 2 class! 

Extras Included in Your Program:

  • FREE Pass - Puppy Playgroup & Social Hour (if under 6 months)
  • Personalized Notes to bring home after each class
  • Graduation Package with Exclusive Coupons for food and supplies

Customized schedule to fit your life-style.

Not sure which program to choose? No problem, we are here to help.