Appalachian Tails has a long reputation for providing nutrition expertise and guidance to pet owners. Since 2005, we have helped thousands of clients with pet nutrition and local vets continue to send pet owners to us for advice and food needs.

In addition, we stock over 9,000 top-quality supplies including all-natural treats, chews, toys, collars & leashes, grooming supplies, supplements, crates, beds and more.

We offer all the best brands. But, it's much more than that.

In a world where every brand claims to be the ‘best’ and a quick google search will have your head spinning, Appalachian Tails prides itself on giving you straight-forward, honest information on pet food.

We will work with you until we find the perfect food for your dog or cat...and our price match guarantee let's you shop local with peace of mind.


  1. BEST PRICES. You don't have to spend more to shop local. Our prices typically beat any store around. But just for your peace of mind, we will match any other store's price, even sale pricing!
  2. ONLY QUALITY FOODS. You can rest assured that we only carry foods/brands that meet our quality standards. We take your pet's health seriously, which is why you will not find sub-par national brands on our shelves. When you see the chain stores offering big-name foods filled with poor ingredients (by-product and corn for example) mixed in with other brands, it becomes clear where their priorities fall.
  3. 100% FOOD GUARANTEE. You can try any of our foods with your dog or cat. If for any reason they do not work out, we give a full refund to be used for anything else...even if opened and used! Why do we have such a great policy? Because we genuinely want to help you find the right food for your pet.
  4. FREE FOOD PROGRAMS. In addition to price matching, you will automatically be earning FREE bags of food when you shop with us (with all participating brands). No need for receipts or other inconveniences...we track it for you.
  5. IN-STORE DELIVERY. Don't see what you want? We will get it for you and have it for whenever you need it. No extra cost, no pre-payment. 
  6. KNOWLEDGE & TRUST. We are an invaluable resource who will always put you and your pet's needs before business. If you have questions about pet food, you've come to the right place.

We are proud to offer only top nutrition

No By-Products. No Corn. No Wheat.


Imagine having a trusted partner that you could go to for pet nutrition questions and advice. Now you do! Our entire team is happy to help here at the store anytime during store hours.

If you'd like to discuss your dog or cat nutrition directly with Bryan (Owner of Appalachian Tails), contact him here and he will happily schedule time at the store. Awesome!