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On October 15, I shared a story about Tuckerman's life that concluded with an announcement; the decision to close Appalachian Tails. The five weeks since have been awesome beyond measure. Your love and support has left Jenni and I feeling like the luckiest people in the world. We have received countless handwritten letters, cards, emails, texts, social media comments and gifts, while - each day - visitors continue to pour into the store to thank us and to tell us how much Appalachian Tails has meant to them. We've laughed with you, hugged, shaken hands, told stories and even cried together.


The truth is, without each and every one of you - our friends, families, customers, team members, distributors and other business partners - Appalachian Tails would have been nothing. Together, we made something special and we stood for something far bigger than ourselves - integrity, kindness and the well-being of animals. Your thoughtfulness over the past five weeks (and twelve years) has given us a gift we'll treasure forever; the knowledge that Appalachian Tails mattered to so many. Thank you for that gift, and thank you for being part of our story.


So, what new path was inspired by Tuck? I have three exciting things to share, and hope that you will join us on these adventures.

  1. Writing a Memoir: After losing Tuckerman, I began to write down memories from our life together, for fear of forgetting things over time. It's turned into a full length manuscript (working title is 'For Tuckerman - A Journey Inspired by the Human-Canine Bond') which I'm hoping to publish into a book about the inspiration behind Appalachian Tails and all the adventures that came from running a small business with Tuck by my side. It's a compelling story about following one's heart; courage, love, loyalty, fear and self-actualization that will resonate with all dog lovers and inspire anyone who's ever questioned their own path in life. I believe in the story - it's a story about all of us. As I work through this challenging book writing process, I'll be looking for readers to critique manuscript drafts, content providers, an editor, agent, and publisher. If you are interested in being part of the process, have contacts or just want to stay up to date on the book (and get your hands on one!), please enter your email address below.
  2. Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning: I am thrilled (and honored) to announce that I've joined the esteemed team at Wizard of Paws, a locally-owned canine physical rehabilitation facility in Colchester. As many of you know, Tuckerman's quality of life was drastically improved at age 13 by the program. After more than a decade of advising pet owners on nutrition, wellness, and the human-canine bond, I'm excited to take my love for dogs to the next level. I'm proud to be studying and practicing with a leader in the industry and will be doing what I love best - working one-on-one with you and your dogs in the quest for healthier, happier animals. As I learned first hand, canine conditioning is not only great for post-surgery, but can also significantly improve the quality of life for all dogs. To follow me on this new journey please submit your email below. Customers of Appalachian Tails who sign up below will receive special offers for rehab and conditioning programs at Wizard of Paws, and so much more.
  3. With Love & Oats Photography: It was only when Tuck passed that I realized how much I love the images that Jenni had captured of him. Sure, I have a thousand phone pics, but the artwork that now hangs in our home is a gift that only a talented artist can provide. I'm so excited to announce that Jenni is launching her own fine art dog photography business. If you've ever seen her pictures, you'll wonder why it took so long! Sign up for her email list and check out her new website using the links below.

This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for all of you and I feel so fortunate to have shared my life with an extraordinary dog named Tuckerman. Just as it happened twelve years ago, he continues to inspire me and others to follow our hearts. Join us in this new adventure. Our story together has only just begun...