Giving Back

Today, I wanted to share some good news and my experience with Dog Star Rescue. As always, I'd love to see your comments after reading the post below...and will always respond as soon as possible.

The good news is this. Even though the statistics for shelter dogs are staggering (and very sad), there are more and more great people and organizations that are truly making a difference to the lives of so many dogs. The BEST news is that if you are interested, you can make a very real impact by adopting and/or volunteering. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of working as a Dog Star Rescue volunteer, as a photographer for dogs in need of adoption. The idea is that a photo that truly captures the essence of each dog can make a very positive impact in getting the dog noticed and ultimately finding a home quicker. The images here are dogs that I had the pleasure of photographing at a recent event. Really proud to be part of that. I can tell you that it is incredibly satisfying to volunteer and, more importantly, can truly make a difference.

I have great admiration for those that open their hearts (and homes) to dogs in need. I always love seeing people walk into the store with their new family member that they've rescued. And, the people who pour their hearts and extra time into managing dog rescues are unsung heroes. I'm not sure many people realize just how much work that the good people at Dog Star (and other rescues) do. It's an honor to play a small role and work alongside other volunteers, in the spirit of helping dogs.

There are many different volunteer opportunities if you love dogs and think it may be something you'd like to do. For example, fostering, visiting and exercising dogs, dog handling at events, transporting dogs, evaluation/interviewing, publicity/marketing, fundraising, and administrative tasks...just to name a few! As you can see, there really is a wide variety of ways to put your particular interests and skills to great use. I'm always amazed to think about how much work goes into a well-run rescue, and how it's all handled by volunteers. Heart-warming.

I know so many people who share their life with an adopted dog, and it's awesome. I found my boy, Tuckerman, at 4 days old at a private breeder so I haven't yet experienced adopting a dog. I wouldn't trade Tuck for anything in the world and cherish the one-on-one relationship we have, but when the day comes (hopefully never, right?!?!) to bring another dog into my life, I wouldn't hesitate to explore adoption.

Have you ever adopted/rescued a dog?

I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below. 

If you have been thinking of adding a dog to your family or maybe even volunteering some time, please consider contacting Dog Star Rescue ( I think you'll love the people and that you'll have a great experience.

Written by Bryan, Owner & Founder of Appalachian Tails. Please comment below or if you'd like to speak directly with Bryan feel free to contact him here.